Local 7378 - Cargojet Unit

Update to Membership We would like to update the membership of a quarterly management meeting held yesterday. Some topics discussed: CJT 511/512 these flights were coded as single day credit flights and until December 12 the 15 minutes post flight was not being credited. It was agreed that these flights should have been multi-day credit therefore the extra day will be credited as a day of work, because of the agreement for December any of the extra days of work triggered by these flights will be paid at 4 times Overtime rate as applicable. Hours of work. The new FDT regulations introduce this definition which is new and we have agreed that further discussion will be required to deal with the implications to scheduling. Trainer Bidding. With the introduction of NavBlue the current process of trainer bidding is of concern. We recognize that we do not want any FCM to be disadvantaged and want to try and work with the company to come to an acceptable method. The discussion is continuing and the company is committed to a resolution by the first bid period of the second quarter of the year. The plan is to have a two-step bid process, the Captains will bid first then the FOs will bid thereby having the trainer’s schedules set and allowing the company to identify the training events. Staffing levels. A ground school of 6 crews started yesterday, the plan is to continue with monthly new hire intakes at approximately that rate until we are at the required staff complement. Multiple staffing / scheduling topics were discussed and it was identified that some of the current practices will not be practical under the new regulations and that the ultimate staffing levels will require substantial RSV coverage. It is understood that it will take time to get to the required staff levels. Augment Flights. We were informed that the company will be seeking an exemption to some of the augment provisions for a period of six months. Schedule Publishing. The company will explore the capabilities of the NavBlue system to see if it is possible to allow FCM’s who choose to allow their schedule to be shared to “opt in”. It was also discussed that the company will explore what other capabilities NavBlue has in schedule reports etc. In Solidarity, Your MEC

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